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Kozan Ichikawa
Head of the Nabeshima Clan Kiln (19th generation)

1961 Born in Imari, Saga.
After graduating Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design, he did research on glazes at the Saga Ceramic Research Center, studied how to use the pottery wheel through master potter Seiroku Nakamura, and in 1993 he succeeded as the 19th generation Kozan Ichikawa.
He is currently the only official Master Artisan of traditional crafts of Imari and Arita porcelain to hold the Certificate for Master Artisan of traditional crafts and the First Class Certificate for technique in three divisions; painting, underglaze painting and wheel throwing.


Seiichi Kawasaki

1975 Born in Arita, Saga.
1996 Graduation from Arita College of Ceramics, Saga prefecture.
1999 Established Seika kiln.

Japan Kogei Association
Saga prefecture Ceramics Art Association
Arita Ceramics Art Association