“Momoco” is a newly-launched brand of figurines made of Arita porcelain. It is a special collaboration between the skilled craftsmen of Arita and the most talented artists of Japan today, bringing to light the beauty and perfection Arita porcelain holds through the exquisite traditional techniques that have been passed down for more than 400 years. Made to be by your side at all times, whether on happy occasions or sad, our figurines will watch over you through childhood and on, sharing every precious memory with you.

momoco × Artist

× Kasen

For Kasen, momoco bear was love at first sight. From the moment she saw the plain white figurine,
she knew how she wanted to paint it, and from the first brushstroke to the last,
she found herself looking forward to how it would come to life.
Transforming traditional Japanese patterns such as the “karakusa” pattern into cute yet delicate forms,
you are able to see Kasen’s craftsmanship and feel her passion through her lovely bears.


× Kozan Ichikawa

The Nabeshima Kiln was established in the late 1600s as the official kiln of the Saga Domain,
run by the Nabeshima Clan. As the 19th head of this kiln,
Kozan Ichikawa continues to strive forward to create porcelain people have never seen before,
but never forgets to pass on tradition and the rich history of the kiln by keeping in mind his distinctive point of view,
“What kind of artwork would be created if a potter lived for 400 years?”
He believes that the painting comes before the shape,
but for “momoco”, the teddy bear shape was waiting for him to be painted on.
In his words how he described the collaboration, “surely something interesting is about to happen!”


momoco × Designer

× Yukinori Mochikawa

Without Yukinori, “momoco” would not have come to life.
As a creator of characters and animated movies for TV programs and advertisements,
he makes very simple yet heartwarming works that make you want to smile.
Because “momoco” is meant to be your best friend,
the bears he created are round and soft, adding a charm to its form,
but at the same time somewhat vague leaving it up to the painter to complete its character.


× Yuka Uogishi

Inspired by Koimari Collection of Shobido-honten,
Marumon stickers are arranged in a modern style.
Momoco is a product that can be customized using stickers of your own choice.




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